Top Paying Jobs in 2017

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It’s What You Would Expect…But Also Not

Many people sit back and wonder – what career choice will make me the most money? Well, in the year 2017 things have changed dramatically as the cultural climate has shifted and technology continues to grow exponentially.

Medical jobs continue to lead the way. You can expect the most income when directly getting work as a medical specialist with direct expertise in a particular field.

The top roles are cardiologist, radiologist, and anesthesiologist which fall in the $300,000 to $360,000 range. This shouldn’t be shocking in any way and has typically been the case with the medical profession.

There are some other “jobs” that fly under the radar as big money makers, but no one really considers them in the discussion about income and career path.

Sure, you can apply to a company that is looking for people to hop on board, and you can find work. Or, you could create your own job or become an in-demand consultant that hauls on a lot of cash. Where does one find this kind of work? The tech industry provides one major example.


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Search engine optimization experts are in big demand especially as Google continues to evolve. Mobile devices and mobile technology are greatly influencing user search behavior, and many businesses are seeking individuals or businesses that are extremely knowledgeable in this field.

SEO experts, even one-man shops, can haul in $500,000 or more in client work if they are truly skilled and/or have their entire process systemized. True ninjas can expect even more if their affiliate marketing game is on point.

Yes, certain advertising agencies specialize in SEO or at least have an SEO department. These workers generally do not have the true skill set that is required to make it big in SEO. They have not truly dedicated their lives to the craft, and that is the difference. They are willing to accept a salary and work a 40 hour per week shift.

Tech entrepreneurs know very well that it takes more than 40 hours per week to become great, or at least to keep up with those that are striving to be on top. Powerful SEO and online marketing consultants potentially possess game-changing knowledge and expertise that companies will pay handsomely for because it can significantly increase their bottom line. Internet traffic turns into sales, which can occur on a massive scale.

Yes, it costs a lot of money for healthcare and the skills needed to become a cardiologist are hard earned. But your income generally caps out at a certain level.

If you become a high-earning online marketing expert, you can make far more than any doctor.

When people ask, what are the highest paying jobs in 2017? This question is up for debate. The people that make the most money are those that start a successful business, and there is no debating that.

But what if you are one-man crew whose job is to increase the web presence for various businesses? If you do it right, you can make tens of thousands of dollars per month, and this does not even count affiliate income.


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