Interview Tips for New Job Seekers

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If you are going to secure a job, then you will want to prepare for the interview and do the best you can to impress your potential employer. Interviewing is not always easy, but with the right mindset and attitude you will do very well.

Here are the top tips that we can offer when looking to secure a new job.

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  1. Confidence is the most important factor.

In order to truly impress the person that you are talking to, you are going to have to exude confidence. There is nothing more powerful than a person that knows what they are talking about and looks you directly in the eyes. Being able to talk about your work experience, skill set, and ability to work under pressure are all very important to the overall impact that you will make.

Learn to be very confident and don’t be afraid to tell the truth or reveal your weaknesses. It takes a strong personality to be able to describe yourself in great detail while at the same time selling your abilities to the person that is interviewing you. Also, if you know what you are talking about, you would be naturally confident anyway, so it makes a lot of sense to behave this way.

2. Always maintain eye contact

It is extremely important to maintain eye contact when talking to the person that might hire you for a job. Eye contact is a sign of confidence, which we previously described as one of the most important factors to landing a job. Nervous people and people that lie are often not able to maintain solid eye contact. If you can hold eye contact but the person talking to you cannot, then they either have low confidence, low self-esteem, or may be shy in general. This is not necessarily an issue, but it is something to pay close attention to because leadership skills and charisma are often found in people that can maintain eye contact.

3. Smile as often as possible.

People like happy people, there is no doubt about it. If you are smiling, it let’s the other person that you are happy, excited, energetic, relaxed, or simply interested in the conversation. Can a smile be fake? The answer is yes, but do not try to fake a smile too often or it will appear to be forced an unnatural. When you first meet someone, you should smile right away to make a great first impression. This is an immediate sign that you are happy to be given the chance to work for the potential employer. People that do no smile are possibly sad, depressed, anxious, or simply do not have a good attitude.

4. Body language is very important to your appearance.

Just like eye contact and the ability to smile, your overall body language is also very important as a first impression. You should never slouch, bounce your leg, shift around, or give any sign that you are nervous or uneasy! If you are sitting in the room with your potential manager, they will detect signs of nervousness or lack of confidence in your abilities. They might even suspect that you are lying about your résumé which may not even be true. The truth is that perception matters and if people think that you are dishonest, it can greatly affect your ability to get hired easily.

5. Always show up early.

There is really no excuse to show up late, unless you had a serious problem such as your car breaking down. Those circumstances are very rare so generally the fault is your own. Leave with plenty of time to spare so that you arrive ahead of time and prove that you are prompt and trustworthy on your word. If you show up late for an interview, your interviewer will likely assume that you will show up late for work as well. Don’t give a bad impression and show up early, leaving extra time in case you run into traffic, bad weather, a random construction zone or any other scenario that is generally out of your control. The one thing you can control is the time that you leave!

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