“Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do” – What Does This Mean?

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This is a classic motivational phrase by John C. Maxwell, and it can be inspiring in a number of ways.

If you think about it, many people have dreams. They want to get rich, have a great family, make a lot of friends, and achieve their goals. Whether that is becoming a rockstar or the best brain surgeon in the world, it starts off as a dream.

Most people however never get past the “dream” phase. They are not able to think long-term to determine what kind of work it takes to achieve their goals.

The greatest successes in the world can take over a decade to achieve, and therefore most people will quit long before they have put in the required amount of work.

But if you think about what the quote means, it is very simple. If you don’t do the work, your dreams can’t come true.

It is ridiculous to think that sitting around doing nothing will result in achieving your goals. Therefore, one must commit to achieving smaller, short-term goals that will eventually add up to the desired result. Landing your dream job might mean landing a summer internship at large company in your field.

Using this stepping stone, one could get closer to their ultimate dream.

At the end of the day, few people are capable of doing what it takes to be the best. Stand out from the crowd, dream big, but most importantly, DO THE WORK IT TAKES!

Ways to keep yourself motivated:

  • Set up short-term goals that act as stepping stones to your long term dreams
  • Remove all distractions and don’t spend money wastefully
  • Cut out partying or friends that bring you down
  • Choose something reasonable – few people will become rockstars, but many people can play a rock concert
  • Read books – many people have failed before you, and have shared their stories. Read as much as you can!

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