Front Desk / Budtender

Posted 28 days ago, Denver, CO, USA
A budtender is also trained to work at the front desk. The front desk person is the first face a patient/customer associates with Good Chemistry. This employee must be enthusiastic, friendly, and ...

Cannabis Dispensary Budtender / Delivery Driver

Posted 3 months ago, Portland, OR, USA
At $13/hour, employees begin training in our Budtender or Delivery Driver positions. After a 90-day review, pay increases to $14/hour and employees become eligible to interview for internal ...


Posted yesterday, Denver, CO, USA
Botanico is looking for a few budtenders who are able to guide customers (both new and old) through the process of understanding, selecting and purchasing cannabis products, such as flower ...

Sales Consultant - Budtender

Posted 4 months ago, Seattle, WA, USA
Canna West Seattle is growing quickly and expanding into a new location! We are looking for 3 to 4 highly motivated, enthusiastic and intelligent rock stars to join our award winning team. Must be ...

Budtender/ Reception

Posted 3 months ago, Berkeley, United States
CBCB is a diverse, patient-centered, and community-driven family. Our goal is to help, educate, and grow with our patients to spread the love and knowledge of cannabis to a worldwide audience. We are ...

Account Manager

Posted 27 days ago, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Facilitate on-site patient appreciation days, budtender education events and other events on a regular basis * Respond to phone and email inquiries in a timely, efficient and professional manner

Retail Associate - Cannabis Dispensary

Posted 1 month ago, Taunton, MA, USA
This is the "budtender" position. Consultants will rotate between working at the front desk checking patients/customers in and answering the phone and working behind the sales counter educating ...

Retail Associate

Posted 7 months ago, San Jose, CA, USA
The Retail Associate (Budtender) role is to maintain the best customer experience at all time through customer service and product knowledge. They are responsible for welcoming our patients, ensuring ...